Locked FT817ND TX frequency 'latching' in Fake Ir

Steve marsh (M0NMA)

I am running WSJT-X 2.2.2 on windows and also a Pi. Once I had worked out that the current version does not work with the 817 and selected the FT-857 rig instead, all seemed to be working until I turned 'Fake it' on.

Now, when the TX frequency is altered, it doesn't return to the Monitor frequency when it switches back to RX. This is a real nuisance as the program rapidly moves off frequency after just a few exchanges. I have tried it with the 'Monitor returns to last used frequency' in case it affects more than the startup settings both ticked and unticked, but that doesn't change it.

It does sometimes work as it should though. I also found out that if you force it to Halt Tx then it always returns to the correct monitor frequency and that, sometimes, it behaves normally after that. I tried it on my Raspberry Pi as well in case the problem had been caused by my Windows 10 2004 upgrade, but the Pi exhibits the same problem.

Given this problem was first noticed when I upgraded to 2.2.2 I was wondering whether there is something in the FT-857 setting that is throwing the FT-817ND off? I went back to 2.1.2 but it has the same problem (but don't recall noticing it on the Windows PC before).

I have an IC-7300 as well but that is performing normally on 2.2.1 on another PC (not on the latest version yet).


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