Locked Re: EU Contest Mode

Tony Collett

Reino I understand what you are saying but unlike Paul I was originally not in contest mode and wished to change to it in order to give some points away.
I obviously misunderstood the intention of the pop up window. If it was just an invite to change mode then there is not time to read it or do it for that particular contact.
I was pretty quick on how I did it but the partner had already sent his Tx4 RR73 message so we had to restart the QSO for him to get valid points.

If you do not wish to add a button on the main window then why has the clicking on the pop up message also been dismissed?

It is good that a "compatible" exchange is made rather than locking up the QSO but why not make it possible to change into contest mode easier?
I have yet to find out what had happened if I was in NA mode though.......

Tony G4NBS

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