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Tom Melvin

The EU contest mode worked very well with the new changes in 2.2.

However, I did notice when calling CQ TEST xxxx on 6m - with the Es that was active a lot of non-contest stations never bothered - thankfully contest also on 2m so stuck to that band.

I wonder if there is a way for the contester(s) and non-contester can co-exist? The rules do cover working a non-contest station with something such as 'If the sending stations does not send a serial number then log a zero.’  If the contester sends serial no/locator the other station responds, if in contest, responds correctly all ok. If not in contest then fill in as much as possible - log ‘0’ and 4 digit - carry on. If the auto sequencer could cope then all happy.  No need for buttons on main menu - no moaning when a contest on. 

The pop-up reminder could exist to advise people why they are seeing different format.

As long as the contest station send/responds correctly for the contest I can’t see any issues with adjudications.   This would/could also apply to the other contest mode (I guess).

I do appreciate the new changes with hashing this should solve lot of logging issues.





On 1 Jul 2020, at 17:42, Reino Talarmo <reino.talarmo@...> wrote:

There is no more an implicit change to contest mode, only a nice reminder that you should go into contest mode, if you wish to complete the QSO properly in contest mode. 
The EU VHF Contest is now much better on contester’s point of view as each relevant message contains both , although hashed in some. So you really see, if the response were for you or somebody else sent on the same frequency a valid looking response to somebody else.
I am no interested to use that magic button to go into normal mode in the middle of a contest as that QSO will not contain proper exchange in the contest. If the normal mode station is more important than the ongoing contest, I am prepared to make more than one click, hi.
73, Reino OH3mA

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