locked Re: Problem with Power output #FT8


Bill, I experienced something similar a few times with ft8 during FD.  Rig here is an HP 840G1 8GB Intel i5/4300U Win10Pro/1909 to a Yaesu FT-991A working both audio and CAT via the USB and split mode enabled.  I was running QRP so the Po was dialled down to 5 watts (give or take).  I think maybe 3 or 4 times out of the hundreds, when double clicking on a CQ, the radio would key up ok but Po was uncharacteristically low - sometimes essentially zero.  Everything was working normally, the TX audio frequency could be anything, only no Po.  I didn't touch anything and on the next cycle, the Po was at the correct level.

If anything, it seems to coincide with double clicking on a CQ between the first and final decodes and something goes wrong in the process of wsjtx attempting to key up the radio while writing the late decodes to the screen (yes!  late decodes are still being written after TX starts).  There's other issues I experienced with the fast decode mode of 2.2.2, but I'll save that for another thread to come soon.

Hugo, ve3ktn.

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