locked Re: Small bugs in 2.2.2



Well, what can I say about #1 except it happens on my HP 840G1 laptop screen in 1366x768 resolution.  It's not a big deal I suppose but thought I'd mention it in case anyone else sees the same.  I'll take some screen captures when Field Day is finished; it's only a few hours to start time so I don't want to be fiddling with my setup just now.

About #2, why should it make any difference in ft4 between regular and contest mode?  RR73 is supposed to be used if the contacts aren't expected to be marginal.  In that case, ops might need to understand that they shouldn't bother addressing any calls less than, say, 6 dB. above the nominal ft4 threshold of -20 dB.  On the other hand, enabling RRR in contest mode might make the difference in getting more contacts toward the end of the event when things start getting thin and what one doesn't need is more confusion when repeats of messages are needed.  The way I see it.

Hugo, ve3ktn.

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