locked What's a good place on 160m?

KD7YZ Bob <kd7yz@...>

I have been calling CQ on 1839.5 +1300 for a few nights. I get hammered
and hammered by JT65 which comes up there and directly on my signal.
KB3X has done this lasting as long as 45 minutes.

Is there a better place we can congregate? I find it unhelpful to need
to logon to one of many Internet Forums to then announce I call CQ.
Anyway, one would have to do this on many sites to be moderately

It defeats the purpose of "Radio" anyway. Rather get used to a singe
On-The-Air frequency to see if anyone i on.

However, not one that I get hammered on by a wider and different mode.

Bob KD7YZ EM88

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