locked Small bugs in 2.2.2


A couple of things I encountered this evening with ft8 and ft4:

1 - Resizing the waterfall horizontally will also scale the frequency divisions at certain horizontal widths.  At first I thought, well this is cool, however - scaling to a smaller width will appear to change the horizontal scaling to a wider freq range but it doesn't follow that the real transmitted freq is where the goalposts are.  E.g. with the smaller horizontal width but wider freq range, the goalpost said I should be TX on 835 Hz. but the main screen said I was TX on 735.  I don' t know if I was on 835 or 735 because a few responses were at different freqs.   Widening the horizontal size slightly returns the scaling to the narrower bandwidth and then the TX/RX freqs between the waterfall and the main screen agree.  It's a small thing, but I thought to mention it.

2 - In ft4, double clicking on TX4 does not toggle the message between RR73 and RRR - it stays on the default RR73.  It toggles for ft8 but not ft4.

Hugo, ve3ktn.

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