Locked Re: Error pop up

Bill Somerville

On 26/06/2020 17:48, Bob Shaw wrote:
Thanks for your reply Rich. I read and tried this "fix". However, the menus (above the activities windows) no longer appears, and so I cannot click on FILE to open the log directory. I searched with windows explorer and could not find an .adi file anywhere, so I created a directory under wsjtx to no avail. I copied another computer's file there as well with no result. I have removed and reinstalled a couple times with no success.

Best if I can remove ALL traces of wsjtx and then reinstall I believe, but there are still some remnants of wsjtx still there -- enough to indicate a .adi file which is corrupt?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated!         Bob
Hi Bob,

if the menu is missing then you have probably unchecked the "Menus" option to the right of the main row of buttons on the WSJT-X main window.

The location of the WSJT-X log files is shown in the WSJT-X User Guide:


If you are on Windows then the location is %LocalAppData%\WSJT-X\


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