locked Re: WSJT-X on an RPi3


Thanks Bill, and to everyone who has responded so far.  I did get a private email from one of the wsjt group members who steered me in the right direction for installing the armhf package and I now have V2.2.2 loaded and launching on my Pi.  The issues I have yet to figure out are the correct usb port ID's, settings and other necessities to get the Pi installation conversing with my ft-991a.  I've had my Windows7 and -10 rigs working for quite some time and have no trouble between them and the 991, but things are rather different with the Pi setup.  Mainly trying to find out which audio i/o is correct (there's about a dozen selections that are available and the default doesn't work) and which usb port is which.  So far, I've not been able to get a green TEST CAT and even worse, under some circumstances the Pi will key my radio and not return a green TEST CAT.  In fact, it doesn't even give me a red TEST CAT.  So something is communicating, it's not right, and I have more work to do to figure it out.

Here's a question:  With my Windows rigs, I have Yaesu drivers which install as virtual COM ports which facilitate CAT and communicate with the sound card that's part of my radio - all over one USB line.  I don't think that's the case with Linux installs, so is it still possible to have both CAT control AND use the radio's sound card over one USB linw?  I REALLY don't want to mess with making up a separate audio cable to the radio's DIN multi-pin interface.  If the Pi setup needs a USB and separate audio lines, then I'm afraid this experiment will be a no-go and it's back to Windows.

Richard, W4PID, thanks for the link.  I'll look into that - maybe the answers lie in there.


Hugo, ve3ktn.

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