locked Re: #FIELD DAY

Reino Talarmo

Hi Ed and All.

Just a minor issue about special operations contest logs. You need by yourself manage the log in the sense that there is no automatic new log function. Contest log is kept in a database that is independent of the normal log (wsjtx_log.adi). Before a contest you need to reset the contest log File -> Reset Cabrillo log… and after the contest export than log by Export Cabrillo log… Of course you may use any other logging software and forget the wsjt-x tools of use the wsjtx_log.adi file as contest log, if accepted in contest.

73, Reino OH3mA

PS  The database is retained, if wsjt-x is uninstalled and re-installed or a new version is installed.


>I believe WSJT-X starts a new log for you just for field Day.


Ed.. AB4IQ

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