locked Re: Replying to CQ, etc.

Jim Brown

On 6/21/2020 12:03 PM, K8BL BOB LIDDY wrote:
It seems that the EU folks are the ones that often like to start
a QSO by not using TX1 with their Grid. Maybe they feel they
can make QSOs quicker that way.
On 6M, the vast majority of JA stations call with TX2. It's also common for them to switch to another QSO before giving me RR73. I find this somewhere between dumb and inconsiderate. I've got a 9-call living (for 14 years) in NorCal, so if I'm calling a station who doesn't know me on a band where the other guy is likely using a directional antenna, I'll call with TX1 so that he doesn't turn his antenna in the wrong direction. Without that concern, I would nearly always call with TX2.

I disagree with the advice someone offered that TX3 and TX4 was sufficient. A QSO requires one piece of information in addition to the calls, and RR (or R -6) from both sides. If you CALL with TX3, the other station hasn't given you any info to acknowledge, so it's no QSO.

Now, when in Contest mode, the exchange is grid and the CQing station has sent his grid, I see TX3 as an OK response by the calling station, and RR73 by the CQing station as finishing the QSO.

73, Jim K9YC

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