locked Re: wsjt-x and fkex 6700 transmit issues

Bill Somerville

On 22/06/2020 03:23, Don - kx9q wrote:

I have also experienced the same issue with the same setup.  So how do you determine what device or devices are getting powered down?

Don - kx9q
Hi Don,

the problem seems to revolve around anything that could carry audio and supports hot-plugging. that boils down to USB and things that carry USB connections. Setting all USB hubs to not be powered down to save energy in their properties under Device Manager, and setting the system Power Plan not to suspend USB devices both are essential. Another problem area is HDMI monitor connections, HDMI carries USB connections and some graphics cards seem to have no easy way to stop them powering down the monitor when idle. As a last resort, there are applications that simulate mouse movements on a regular basis to try and persuade Windows that the system is not idle.


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