locked Re: Rig Control Failure FD Mode with N3FJP and JTAlert

Bill Somerville


you cannot have two applications directly using the same rig for CAT control. If the N3FJP FD logging application does not support one of the rig server programs that WSJT-X also supports (Hamlib rigctld, Omni-Rig, or something that looks like a rig to each application but is more than a dumb serial port splitter), then you will have to disable rig control in one application or the other. WSJT-X will run fine without CAT control of a rig so long as you can still control PTT. Either VOX or a wire-ored hardware PTT arrangement using RTS or DTR on a pair of serial ports will get you PTT. If you intend to use WSJT-X without CAT control then you should stick to Tx audio offsets above 1500 Hz to make sure any audio harmonics are eliminated. You will also have to ensure that WSJT-X is switched to the same band as your rig or your log entries will be incorrect.

TBH, if disabling rig control in the N3FJP FD logging application is as easy as it is in WSJT-X ("Settings->Radio->Rig->None" and "Settings->Radio->PTT Method->VOX", then click "Ok") or simply exit WSJT-X when you are not using it as restarting will bring it right back where you left it, then switching rig control is probably the easiest and quickest option.


On 22/06/2020 02:44, Michael WA7SKG wrote:
If all I was doing is running FT8, this would be fine. However, most of the time I will be running phone, with WSJT-X and fldigi not running and doing all my logging directly through N3FJP. I want to start N3FJP and leave it running all the time, then start WSJT-X or fldigi as needed to use the digital modes. Then I would stop WSJT-X or fldigi and return to phone. I would like to minimize the transition time between modes and not have to shut everything down and restart the whole works with different sequences between modes.

Michael WA7SKG

neil_zampella wrote on 6/21/20 5:59 PM:
Yes .. Hamlib is built into the WSJT-X executable.    Try starting WSJT-X, JT-Alert, then N3FJP.  I suggest that the reason you're getting the error is that N3FJP is setup to control the rig, if you could turn that off, and let WSJT-X control the rig, you'll be fine.

Neil, KN3ILZ

On 6/21/2020 8:07 PM, Michael WA7SKG wrote:
Additionally, if I go to configurations, all settings are correct, when I hit TEST CAT, the rig changes to 28.335.19 and a box pops up saying "Rig Failure Hamlib error:Command rejected by the rig while exchanging VFOs." Subsequent tests fail for frequency change and mode change.

I guess hamlib must be built into WSJT-X and I don't use it otherwise.

Michael WA7SKG

Michael WA7SKG wrote on 6/21/20 4:45 PM:
Getting ready for Field Day. I have the latest versions of WSJT-X
(2.2.1), JTAlert (2.16.8), and N3FJP Field Day Log (6.3).

My understanding is to start N3FJP > WSJT-X > JTAlert in that order. I have followed the various tutorials and instructions for setting these up. When I start WSJT-X, I get a "Rig Control Error" box asking to set up the rig parameters (IC-7300). These are all correct. Running WSJT-X by itself is no problem. Only when N3FJP is running do I have an issue.

I am obviously missing something. Any suggestions as to what?

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