locked Re: Replying to CQ, etc.

Tony Collett

To answer Roger's initial question - I've only experienced this with stations "in demand". I call them with Tx1 but somehow get Tx3 back so I log a QSO without me ever sending my report. I guess they are treating data as an expedition type QSO and reports are superfluous? Never had it in answer to my CQ though.

Bob K8BL - I've yet to have a JA station answer my CQ call with anything other than Tx2, it isn't that common a practice in Europe yet.

And while I agree with the comments re software JTAlert does not always (in my experience) provide the locator unless you have already worked the station. Since WSJT highlights the worked before status by using its own Log.ADI file unless you edit that file or enter the Locator before you hit the log QSO button you are left with your peeve!

Does seem to me BTW that there are still way too many that insist on not using split. I thought WSJT was programmed so that if you called on someones frequency but they answered somebody else then your Tx was disabled.

There must be a different program out there that doesn't do this as I watched a Spanish station on 10m the other night that continually called a station on their frequency without any form of watchdog timeout and despite that station somehow managing lots of QSO's with other callers. Now that would peeve me off! 

73's Tony G4NBS

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