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David AD4TJ

Bob, I am in agreement with you on this. I hate it when I get called by someone without using a grid; so if the QSO is completed I have no idea what grid I just worked, unless I manually go to QRZ to look them up, and hope they were working from that grid, and not portable somewhere else.

David AD4TJ

On Sunday, June 21, 2020, 3:04:10 PM EDT, K8BL BOB LIDDY <k8bl@...> wrote:


Thanks for your comments/opinions. Just keep in mind that
my issues were my personal pet peeves. Everyone has them
and most people are afraid or too polite to express them. I am
not in either case. I appreciate your input greatly.

It seems that the EU folks are the ones that often like to start
a QSO by not using TX1 with their Grid. Maybe they feel they
can make QSOs quicker that way. That's not my preference since
I have WSJTX set up to indicate "New Grid On Band". If they
don't send it, I am forced to look it up in QRZ. I run WSJTX
by itself.

TNX/73,     Bob  K8BL

P.S.  What I got from Carey did not include his Call. I found it
    later by searching his name. Here's what I got FYI:

On Sunday, June 21, 2020, 12:05:04 PM EDT, <careyfisher@...> wrote:

Wow, you sure have a lot of pet peeves! Do you have a list of rules people should use when contacting you?


On Sunday, June 21, 2020, 02:19:24 PM EDT, Carl - WC4H via groups.io <wc4h.dx@...> wrote:

Bob, read carefully, Carey did include his name and call.

Roger,  technically speaking the 4 components that make a contact a valid QSO are:
Band, Mode, the QSO partner's callsign, and the time of the QSO (Normally in UTC and ARRL uses Start Time).

Report and grid are notably NOT required to have a valid QSO as is no other information.

So, my guess is that the folks that call you with Tx3 are looking for the minimum info required.  If you answer RR73, they come back with a 73 and you have fullfilled the content of the 4 components.

I have gotten Tx3 calls also.  I just let the program respond with RR73 and I get a 73 back and log it.

It's not ideal if you are looking for grids and want WSJT-X to highlight the caller with the appropriate color.  If you upload to LoTW, the and the QSO partner is in LoTW, you will still get credit for that grid.

I always remind people to think of a DX Expedition.  Extremely minimal info to work the most people possible, and nobody complains that they did not get a 73 or a grid.  They are just happy to get that ATNO. 


Carl - WC4H

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