locked Rig Control Failure FD Mode with N3FJP and JTAlert

Michael WA7SKG

Getting ready for Field Day. I have the latest versions of WSJT-X
(2.2.1), JTAlert (2.16.8), and N3FJP Field Day Log (6.3).

My understanding is to start N3FJP > WSJT-X > JTAlert in that order. I have followed the various tutorials and instructions for setting these up. When I start WSJT-X, I get a "Rig Control Error" box asking to set up the rig parameters (IC-7300). These are all correct. Running WSJT-X by itself is no problem. Only when N3FJP is running do I have an issue.

I am obviously missing something. Any suggestions as to what?

Michael WA7SKG

"Any day you do not learn one new thing is a wasted day."

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