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Ed Pflueger <ab4iq@...>

File, Settings, Advanced.  Check special operating activity, then put 1D NTX, STX, or WTX.  Since you are more North than South or West I would say NTX.  It Goes in the FD EXCH Box.  So you would say 1D NTX in the same box. Now until you get thru with Field Day leave that box unchecked.  Otherwise you will be giving out a report of 1D NTX rather than your grid.


Hope this helps.  We are running N1MM Logger with WSJT-X for FD but you can just run WSJT-X by itself.  Make sure when the logging page comes up it is blank.  I believe WSJT-X starts a new log for you just for field Day.


Ed.. AB4IQ


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What box do you put them in?

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