locked Re: Disable TX After 73

Frode Igland

From: VE3KTN
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2020 09:21:10 PDT

It's too bad the logic is set up to detect the "73" string instead of just whether TX4 is being sent, as I've pointed out in a similar parallel thread on this forum.  This way, I can't send my 73 and hold off the TX inhibit to wait for the return 73 - I (and the remote) will have to be satisfied with an RRR.



All it takes to keep everything smooth is to check the "Enable TX" button as soon as you send the RR73 (and "Enable TX" is disabled). If your QSO partner returns with R+report, RR73 will automatically be sent again, because obviously he/she did not copy your first RR73, and still don't know if you received his/her report. If your QSO partner returns with 73, he/she received everything, and your next CQ is sent. No sequence is lost, and the operation is very efficient. Having to click "Enable TX"  is just enough 1. to avoid robot automation, 2. to keep us busy, and 3. to keep our attention on what is going on with our radios, which of course is where we should keep our attention.

73 Frode LA6VQ

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