Locked Re: wsjt-x and fkex 6700 transmit issues

Bill Somerville

On 21/06/2020 20:45, Neal Pollack wrote:

While I am glad that "something" worked for you, USB suspend/sleep has absolutely nothing to do with Flex ethernet control.  It is not a "virtual USB port".   WSJT-X controls the Flex radio over ethernet using TCP UDP packets.  Nothing else.   I have a Flex 6600, and have seen the same exact issue with no TX after long idle periods.  Killing and restarting WSJT-X always fixes it.  But the WSJT-X code is not doing anything with USB ports in this configuration.   The issue does seem tied to the virtual AUDIO ports. I tried your USB suspend setting, and I still get the NO TX issue after long idle times.   I am leaning toward thinking there may be some similar timeout issue with Windows 10 audio devices, or a slow memory leak or bug in WSJT-X with regard to this.  In all cases, restarting WSJT-X fixes it, so you can't blame the Windows 10 USB layer or the Flex DAX layer.   Let's keep hunting....


you are missing the point. The virtual audio devices provided by DAX are amongst the devices that get re-enumerated when some other device is powered own to save power. The fact that your rig is connected to you PC via via Ethernet is not particularly relevant to the issue you are suffering.


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