Locked Re: Disable TX After 73


Hello Reino, and thanks for the background.  I just had to tear myself away from this crazy North America 6m opening this afternoon - my fingers are getting tired  :-P.

Oh boy.  I thought my last post describing in detail what I see would be the last, but .....

Observing again and more closely what happens after sending CQ and letting the autosequencer go, if I set TX4 to "RRR", then it waits for the remote response of "73" without disabling TX.  If it receives that 73, my rig will transmit back a TX5 and at the same time the TX Enable goes white (i.e. indicating that it is disabled even though TX5 is in progress), then drops to TX6 and is ready for the next QSO.  All of this independent of the "Disable TX after sending 73" setting.  It seems a bit redundant to send both the TX4 and TX5, but that's the way it is and the CQ originator has to wait another 15 seconds to send his TX5 (unless he forces a TX Halt).

All of this would seem to support my point that there must be a better way to end the autosequence than trapping on "73".  Maybe in V3.0.0 ?  ;-)

Oh, and BTW, auto launching of the Log QSO window is independent of the message selected for TX4.  It will pop up after TX4 if set to "RR73" and after TX5 if TX4 is set to "RRR" and TX5 is the default "73" message.

I'm almost afraid to set TX4 to "RRR" and TX5 to a free text not containing "73".

Hugo, ve3ktn.

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