Locked Re: wsjt-x and fkex 6700 transmit issues

Neal Pollack


While I am glad that "something" worked for you, USB suspend/sleep has absolutely nothing to do with Flex ethernet control.  It is not a "virtual USB port".   WSJT-X controls the Flex radio over ethernet using TCP UDP packets.  Nothing else.   I have a Flex 6600, and have seen the same exact issue with no TX after long idle periods.  Killing and restarting WSJT-X always fixes it.  But the WSJT-X code is not doing anything with USB ports in this configuration.   The issue does seem tied to the virtual AUDIO ports. I tried your USB suspend setting, and I still get the NO TX issue after long idle times.   I am leaning toward thinking there may be some similar timeout issue with Windows 10 audio devices, or a slow memory leak or bug in WSJT-X with regard to this.  In all cases, restarting WSJT-X fixes it, so you can't blame the Windows 10 USB layer or the Flex DAX layer.   Let's keep hunting....


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