locked Re: Disable TX After 73

Reino Talarmo

>It's too bad the logic is set up to detect the "73" string instead of just whether TX4 is being sent, as I've pointed out in a similar parallel thread on this forum.  This way, I can't send my 73 and hold off the TX inhibit to wait for the return 73 - I (and the remote) will have to be satisfied with an RRR.
Hugo, ve3ktn.
Hi Hugo,
Perhaps knowing how RR73 came into the autosequence would help to understand why Tx 4 seems to behave ‘wrongly’. Originally R+nn report were confirmed by RRR and a 73 was sent later to indicate ‘I am happy now and have logged QSO’. At some stage it was noted that locator RR73 can be sent in the Tx 4 message and that is a combination of RRR and 73 in a single message. The meaning was taken from message Tx 5 i.e. it is the final message from me, tnx.
73, Reino OH3mA

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