locked Re: New Windows 10 update and audio selection

Joe Dz

I mainly run Ubuntu Linux and my TS590SG, but my backup rig is my older IC746PRO, RIGblaster, and everything works just fine using the latest version of Windows 10.  I am glad the USB cable reinstalled fixed the problems.


One side note:  the last Microsoft Edge update messed-up saving files from a PDF window (like saving a PDF of a cancelled bank check).  Always something.  LOL.  To save a PDF file from a PDF window image, you now have to use the print function, then select PDF, and it will save a PDF file.  I guess they want to keep us on our toes.  LOL.






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FIXED:  I uninstalled the USB Audio Codec, disconnected the USB and then reconnected.  Now working.  You guys have me nervous to install the 2004 Windows 10 update.  Maybe after Field Day.  Thanks.  KK4EGZ 

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