locked Re: Replying to CQ, etc.

Jim Shorney

Pet peeves are bad for your health. I have a pet cat. Her name is Sally. She frequently makes me laugh.

I also try not to have high expectations. That way I am more often pleasantly surprised.

Life rule #1: Don't sweat the small stuff.

Life rule #2: It's ALL small stuff.

Have a nice day.



On Sun, 21 Jun 2020 12:04:41 -0400
careyfisher@... wrote:

Wow, you sure have a lot of pet peeves! Do you have a list of rules people
should use when contacting you?

On Sun, Jun 21, 2020 at 11:29 AM K8BL BOB LIDDY <k8bl@...> wrote:


1- It irritates me when someone answers WITHOUT their Grid. So, I then
have to look it up before I log them. Otherwise, the WSJT notification
is defeated that is intended to show a "New Grid". (Yes, I know that
the complex Calls don't show Grids now due to length, etc.)

2 - Another pet peeve is when someone calls while also calling another
Station(s) at the same time. They hop back and forth between us and
it gets chaotic seeing my Call, their Call, some other Calls, etc.
we finally complete OUR QSO, if at all, minutes later.

3 - Last pet peeve (for now) is having my CQ answered by a Station on
"my" frequency and having them STAY there and start their own CQ.
(Yes, I know we're on opposite time slots, but it just seems very
Meanwhile, there might be someone trying to call ME on that time slot
and will have to fight it out with the group of us!! (Spread out,

BTW... Happy Fathers' Day to all you OM's.

73, Bob K8BL

On Sunday, June 21, 2020, 08:16:33 AM EDT, Bill Somerville <
g4wjs@...> wrote:

On 21/06/2020 13:10, groups@... wrote:

I had a couple of stations reply to my CQ with Tx 3 last night. Tx 2 is
bad enough but Tx 3 seems bizarre to me.

Does anyone have any idea what they were expecting of me or the reasoning
behind this?



Hi Roger,

that makes no sense. The 'R' is an acknowledgement of receipt of a signal
report. Unless you had a recent partial QSO with them where you did get as
far as sending a signal report to them, you can only respond with an
R+report message and hope that they reply with 'RRR' or 'RR73'.


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