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Lars Berg

Stay away from the 2004 update . See



73 de Lars SM3CCM


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Från: Bill Somerville
Skickat: den 21 juni 2020 16:50
Till: main@WSJTX.groups.io
Ämne: Re: [WSJTX] #audio_issues #microphone


On 21/06/2020 15:46, Gregory Reichenbach wrote:
> Bill, thanks very much for the reply.  Unfortunately, that's not the
> problem.  I have only one device each on the laptop for mic and
> speakers. Just in case, I tried changing the selection to "default"
> then back to the specific audio devices, but that made no difference.
> I suspect there's a windows setting somewhere that is allowing access
> to the mic.


the built in mic should be disabled when you plug in something to the
line in, or combined line in/mic socket. If your mic is live then I
would check that the plug is correctly inserted.



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