locked Re: Disable TX After 73

Frode Igland

Bob G8HGN has an excellent memory. I copy an e-mail from Bill G4WJS dated 21 June 2018, settling the case:
auto-tx after sending a 73 message is disabled when you have "Call 1st" 
checked, this is a deliberate choice by the developers to stop WSJT-X 
becoming a automatic "QSO machine".

This means the checking "Disable TX after 73, will disable TX, whilst NOT checking it will NOT "Enable TX" after 73. The asymmetry is intended and very well justified.
The developers will not allow a QSO robot, which, for FT4 and FT8, would be the only purpose of allowing automatic "Enable TX".

For other modes, like MSK144, where completing a contact often requires many attempts and repeats to receive your QSO partner's confirmation, keeping the TX enabled has a purpose.

So, for FT4 and FT8 just forget the "Disable TX after 73" check box. Serious rule-abiding radio amateurs should not look for QSO robots. 73 Frode LA6VQ

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