locked Re: Problem: WSJT-x Tx audio disconnects from Flex DAX after sitting idle #AudioIssues


I've been using (up to) two 6700s since 2014 under Win7-64 and Win10-64, and have never had to contend with audio port re-enumeration because I set the PCs that I running SmartSDR to Windows and the PC vendor's 'max performance / no sleep' settings. Also note that most audio peripherals, such as those containing the Realtek chipset, will cause Windows to re-enumerate the audio subsystem when, for example, a headset is plugged into a motherboard headset socket.

I would suggest that operators turn off all power saving features during SSDR operating sessions and not do anything to or with PC while operating SSDR that will cause Windows to make hardware configuration setting changes.


Mike - N8MSA 

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