locked Question about Hold TX frequency and calling stations

Tom Schaefer NY4I

I was operating tonight and this issue finally prompted me to write to see if I can understand why this happens.

Here goes... (I did search for an answer first)...

If I do NOT have Hold TX set, when I call someone, if they go back to a different station, my Enable TX is turned off and the program stops calling them. That is logical and very useful.

If I do have Hold TX, I will keep calling them repeatedly even though the RX is on their frequency and can see they returned to someone else.

Is there a reason when one has Hold TX, the program ignores the fact that they went back to another station? Does it perhaps look for a response on the TX frequency and not the RX frequency?

This happens when I switch from CQ to S&P and forget to turn off the hold TX but still the question remains why.


Tom NY4I

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