locked Re: Problem: WSJT-x Tx audio disconnects from Flex DAX after sitting idle #AudioIssues

Bill Somerville

On 20/06/2020 21:17, Geoffrey Mendenhall wrote:
Bill, why couldn't WSJT-x periodically generate a blip of Tx audio data without keying PTT to keep the Tx connection alive so there is no need to worry about whether the USB port timeout is enabled?
Hi Geoffrey,

apart from the fact that many users have VOX arrangements for keying, it wouldn't help anyway. The problem is some device being powered down that in turn causes all the audio devices to be renumbered internally. WSJT-X gets no notification that the device it sends audio to is no longer the one initially chosen. Note also that using an audio device does not involve a connection, unlike using a serial port when one process takes exclusive access to a device. Because there is no connection, Windows does not know that an audio device is in use when it decides to rearrange them all.


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