locked Re: how do I recover?

Jerome Sodus

GM Sam,
Yes, I had it checked.
73 jerry km3k 

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Hi Jerry,

Before you try the double clicking on a CQ line, make sure that in the settings/general/behavior section the checkbox "double-click on call sets tx enable" is checked.



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Have you tried to double click Tx4 button or Next on left of it?
73, Reino OH3mA
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Sam, your fix (via DX Call box) works except for one detail.
In TX4, now there is RRR but my notes show that previously I had RR73.
That is a concern to me because it seems as though this group had a big discussion about RRR vs RR73; none of which I understood simply because I don't know what all the fuss is about (but will get to eventually).
I have tried changing the RRR to RR73, exiting the program and restarting it but it did came back as RRR.
Any idea how to get back to the RR73?
Did not try the "decoding CQ..." part.
73 jerry km3k

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