locked Re: Remote Desktop Audio Loss


Much the same when you plug another interface in, while a program is
already running.  Most are oblivious of any changes, unless the OS
re-enumerates things in a way that an existing device fall's out of view...

Best to start the RDP session and get all that sorted, then start up
WSJTx.  It should then have visibility of any "extra" audio devices, RDP
created, or you have plugged in.


Dave G0WBX.

Note!  NEVER run (or have visible ports for it)  RDP over the public
internet.  It's a known security black spot, and currently on the radar
of all internet mischief makers.  If you need to do that, establish a
point to point VPN first, then run it over that.   Same applies to VNC
and other remote control stuff too.

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