locked WSJTX + N1MM

Tad Danley K3TD

Using the instructions at rttycontesting.com to set up WSJT to work with N1MM+ and my IC-7610.  As recommended I installed and configured WSJT v2.2.1 yesterday and had it operating stand alone and made several FT 8 contacts before trying to get it to work with N1MM.    


This morning when I tried the instructions for getting it to work with the latest version of  N1MM+ v1.0.8465.0, my WSJT is not interfacing with the IC-7610 and I get the red CAT failure light, and the WSJT-X For EW1window shows the frequency in Red.  In addition, the IC-7610 switches to PSK mode instead of USB-D2 as it was yesterday.  I can touch the PSK mode on the 7610 screen and select USB-D2 under SSB but I still don’t have CAT or PTT.  Also, the top of the N1MM logging screen shows Contact Mode FT8 < > Contest Mode (Mixed)! 


Finally, I am receiving FT8 activity in the Band Activity screen, and if I shut down WSJT and then N1MM and launch only WSJT it operates normally.


Not sure where to start or whether I need to go back and start the integration process again?




Tad Danley, K3TD


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