locked Re: IC-7610 TX configuration

Bill Somerville

On 12/06/2020 14:41, Tad Danley wrote:

Have WSJT-X working on RX but cannot get TX working.  TX config screen shot attached.


I had previously set up the IC-7610 to work with N1MM+ and a single USB cable for logging, CW, FSK RTTY and recoded voice messages in N1MM+  -  so not sure if I need to change something in the radio settings, WSJT or both?


Thanks in advance for the help!



Tad Danley, K3TD


you don't tell us what is not happening when you transmit.

I suspect you need to check "Settings->Radio->PTT Method->CAT", and "Settings->Radio->Mode-Data/PKT" for a start. There may also be some rig menu settings to adjust, your rig's manual has details.

This old post should help with Tx audio level settings as well:



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