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KD7YZ Bob <kd7yz@...>

On 09-Nov-12 ve9dx sent, on a straight key:

Just on JT9-1 a short time but in 2 nights of listening much above
1838 plus 1500 hz is useless here. Due to a local noise.
Hi ndy. I would guess that the limited number of us initially on JT9 are
struggling to find openings in the segments of each general JT65 area.

You local noise, is it far wider than +/- 1838 +1500Hz?

It is break-of-day here in KY and I am 1839.5 +1300 calling CQ. on 1838
I am hammered by the JT65 guys operating essentially 1839 too. But with
the USB dial set to 1839.5 and then my offset of 1300, I can hear one
CQ'er but the tones arquite a bit Low and thus not really in the
perceived passband and not all over the screen, so to speak.

Were I lower, 1838, it would be left-to-right jt65 splatter.

K1CF just asked me to try JT9-2 - works - talk about long and drawn out though.
yup. I tried it too. I am trying to work out the logic. yeah I would be
able to hear/collect/integrate and double my chances of a decode. The
flipside is that to transmit a solid 2 minutes I'd Quarter my ft950

Here's one for all discussion.

I was just calling CQ on offset +1300 and Tx=QSO Freq.
N1HOQ did what I do a lot of the time, called me but at Offset +1500.

I double-click and set TX=QSO .. So I am actually now on his offset ..
he then does not respond in the next sequence.

I do that all to many times. It's like i expect the program to
automatically put me on caller's offset. Guess I'll eventually remember
to do it.



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