locked Re: Freeze on Mac OS-X - was: Event log for WSJT-X

Robert Nobis <N7RJN@...>


OK, thank you.


Bob Nobis - N7RJN

On Dec 17, 2015, at 15:10, N9JCA Chris Matthews n9jca.chris@... [WSJTX] <WSJTX@...> wrote:

I have the same problem on my Mac once in a while, and as Bill said,
it has to do with the audio stream(driver) I just exit and restart the program
I would suggest that you drop a note to John (the author of mac WSJTX) and see if he knows of a remedy for it
Chris N9JCA
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On 12/17/15 2:05 PM, Robert Nobis N7RJN@... [WSJTX] wrote:


I will have to wait until the next time it freezes.

Bob Nobis - N7RJN

On Dec 17, 2015, at 12:15, Bill Somerville g4wjs@... [WSJTX] <WSJTX@...> wrote:

On 17/12/2015 19:12, Robert Nobis N7RJN@... [WSJTX] wrote:
> Only the waterfall and spectrum display froze.
Hi Bob,

that seems to be a sound stream issue. Is there anything related to USB 
or audio in the system console log at the time it happens?


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