Locked Re: The dreaded no Transmit

Bill Somerville

On 10/06/2020 06:14, Wayne Newport wrote:
hi Bill, The only reason I'm not using Data USB on the TS590s is simply because I have always just used USB mode. Its always worked fine . If you are going to customise audio equalisation then possibly it would be better to use Data USB and have the seperate settings . I am changing radios shortly to an FTDX3000 (the TS590s has an intermittent problem}. And it is much better to use USB rather than Data on that radio
thanks again for your help Wayne VK4WTN

doing that means that any settings you have for SSB operation must reset when using AFSK data modes, also make sure you mic is not live while transmitting AFSK data modes! All you need do is check the "Settings->Radio->Mode->Data/Pkt" option in WSJT-X and it will switch to USB-DATA mode for you.


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