Locked Re: [FT8-Digital-Mode] Problem: WSJT-X Tx audio disconnects from Flex DAX after sitting idle #FT8

Bill Somerville

On 10/06/2020 05:31, Jim Cooper wrote:
On 4 Jun 2020 at 10:32, gmendenh1947 wrote:

After WSJT-x in FT8 mode sits in a
receive/monitor condition for several
hours, the Tx audio connection via
Flex DAX to the Flex 6600M transceiver
is lost. DAX is still connected to
the radio, but the connection from
WSJT-x is broken. The Rx audio
connection from the Flex 6600M via
DAX remains working OK. 
I recently found a similar, but different, problem 
with DAX and my Flex 6600M ... 

After sitting a while, when I transmitted and viewed 
my signal on the Flex panel panadapter, it showed that 
I was transmitting the narrow spike of MY signal, but 
the whole rest of the 3 kHz was rising up about 40db 
during the transmission ... and I was getting no responses. 

At other times, the base 3kHz would jump up and fall 
back down as if there was a noise burst. 

I found the simply clicking off the [TX] button on the 
DAX window, then click back on seemed to clear it. 

Also, I had the impression (nothing to confirm it) that 
this had something to do with my local LAN -- since the 
audio travels over that from the PC to the TX. 

Unfortunately, I cannot debug it any further because 
my 6600M went snap, crackle and pop the other day and 
no longer transmits anything.   :(



it's possible that your noise on Tx was an early sign of your rig failure.



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