Locked Re: problem with WSJTX receive


For rigs where the RX chain somewhere is overloaded by medium strength
signals when the AGC is OFF, you can always turn back the RF Gain
control, to some fixed value so that even a S9+10 signal doesn't overload.

If the RX chain is all analogue, that should be OK.  "Modern" SDR based
radios may be OK, or they may be a liability without their "AGC" working.

On early semi digital rigs (like my, but not only the Kenwood TS-870s,
where the digital IF chain is only 12bits in depth) the instantaneous
dynamic range is somewhat limited, irrespective of how many bits your
sound-card A/D uses, but the results in WSJTx can still be an improvement.

It's most definately a case of "know your equipment" it's features and

In any case, in many situations, the local man made noise (QRM) will be
the limiting factor in resolving weak signals.  Dirty SMPS's,
VDSL/ADSL/PLT leakage and so on.


Dave G0WBX.

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