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JP Tucson, AZ

You need to goto the "advanced" tab at top; then select field day & enter your class & section code...

In your case 1D PA(?)

During FD, it will show automatically as

CQ FD (Your callsign) 1D PA

since the grid square is not part of the exchange, it is not used.

Go check out the ARRL website for further details on FD.

73 - John - N7GHZ

On Tue, Jun 9, 2020, 9:52 PM Tim <t.m.kelly@...> wrote:

I will be working digital mode during Field Day 2020 from my QTH. This will be my first Field Day digital mode effort. My club is conducting Field Day from a park and will cautiously be using SSB and CW modes. I hope to gather many points from my QTH for my radio club.

I have been using FT8 mode for several months and believe I have tweaked FT8 and enjoyed making many contacts from many places.

I have participated in a local digital contest with some success. However, I saw many hams modifying their CQ hailing text. Normally my CQ text would read “CQ N8NEU FN00ah”. I have seen CQ text such as “CQ Digital Contest”.

How would I write and send digital texts to fit Field Day? I would think I would need at least two texts. Not too sure what they would say but I will sake a stab at it.

1st FT8 text - CQ Field Day N8NEU FN00ah

2nd FT8 text - N8NEU Pennsylvania 1D FN00ah

Lastly, I use DXLab Suite for all-in-one integrated Ham related computer programs. DXKeeper is used for logging my other digital modes (FT4 and FT8). DXKeeper allows for Cabrillo formatting in order to meet ARRL requirements.

Thank you for any help in this matter.

N8NEU - Tim

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