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Henry Kiernan

Hi Joe

other way around. the new computer/sound card is producing 1/3 # of decodes as the old computer/sound card. old sound card was discontinued (it was old) by soundblaster; got their newer one to replace it. you would think newer is better but results are not. (assuming sound card is the problem). new computer is Win 10 vs old one Win 7. 

in past 2 weeks, using old computer, I have successfully worked pretty distant and "popular" stations like AT20SH, BG9NJY, 4S6NCH, AT9SS and several other VUs. routinely see decodes with -24db or so reports. so that combo seems to be about all I can ask. the new combo is disappointing with less than half the decodes into same rig and microkeyer and antennas. something amiss methinks!


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If a different sound card doubled your number of decodes, there was something very wrong with the previous sound card or the way you were using it.  Nearly all sound cards made in the past 10 years or more should produce very close to identical decoding results.

  -- 73, Joe, K1JT

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