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Have you down loaded the correct Icom driver from the Icom Japan website.

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From: Dirk Sp <on7ds.dirk@...>
Date: 08/06/2020 16:20 (GMT+00:00)
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Subject: [WSJTX] NO CAT & PTT

I have an IC-7300 and IC-9700 in use with WSJT-X latest version.Further instal latest driver for both TX on Windows 10 64bit, etc
The IC-7300 I used with a DXP interface from Microham instead of the sound card of the Icom itself. That works fine with wsjt-x.
I want to used the IC-9700 also with WSJT-X , but this transceiver without an external interface and therefore directly via the USB cable.
I see two Silicon Labs COM ports on the computer that are linked to the IC-9700. So far so good.
I make a clone of the IC-7300 in WSJT-X and renamed it to IC-9700.
Of course I changed the settings in this session compared to the IC-7300.
I receive FT-8 on 2 meters but.... I can't get the CAT and PTT control working. No COM port works in WSJT-X, not even the two Silicon Labs.
Yesterday I installed wsjt-x on a laptop computer and with this the IC-9700 and wsjt-x works perfectly.
When I change back to the other PC with the same USB cableĀ that I used with the laptop and the same settingsĀ  it does work.
The only different is the USB cable. For using with the problem PC the USB cable is too short between transceiver and computer so I used a USB repeater cable to extend.
Maybe the problem is in the USB repeater cable that might not transfer all data?
Anyone a sugestion?
73' on7ds

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