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Hi All,

While I wrote the program AllText.exe for myself and enhanced if for the blind ham group that uses the WSJT-X companion program QLog program for blind hams to search the All.txt file, I am more than happy to send it to anyone that would like to play with it. While the program was specifically enhanced with audio output for the visually impaired (blind) ham, it is not requirement for normal operation. It can display the tail end of the All.txt file up to the last 30,000 records. It can search the entire file looking for specific call signs or records types. It can analyze signal to noise ratios for any date range and or specific call signs. It can be run while WSJT-X is populating the All.Ttxt file. It does not load the entire file into memory so it can handle extremely large files.

Outside its functionality with the All.txt file, it can also download PSKReporter data and display the spots in a summary or detail format.

It does not require any special installation, it is a 32 bit program as such it will require the libea32.dll and sslea32.dll if you want to download PSKReporter data.

I attached some screen shots of the output.

If you are interested, let me know and I will be more than happy to send it to you with some documentation on its use.



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On 6/5/2020 13:57, Bill Somerville wrote:

> I'm sure there are more. Tools already exist, more interesting ones may
> come along. It's so easy to keep the data with Today's cheap storage
> media costs,

So Bill, what's a good program to blend the roughly 40 "ALL.txt' files
the computer search engine has come with, so far, on 6 different HDD's ??

Thanks for pointing the uses.



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