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Hi Mike/AB7ZU

Sorry for all the confusion this subject has steered up.  My original reply post to you was on the subject: [WSJTX] 30 meters?   which I have pasted below, and I don't see any reference to 160 and 80 meters. 

   I was just trying to correct your conception that;  you and me,  are primary users.  Somehow I translated that to mean ;  you and me have Primary Status.   Again, sorry for the confusion I have caused and ask for forgiveness and  speedy judgement from my peers.

Broadband noise from  Power Utility transmission lines is another subject, which has been well discussed,  of which I mostly agree with.

You all have a good week and a Happy Thanksgiving Thursday to those of you  honoring it.



de Bill-w7kxb . .

Mike AB7ZU wrote on: Sat, 17 Nov 2012 16:31:11 

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Jeez Steve..... You seem to have one of those cases that is truly a worst case scenario..... Can't catch a break anywhere.  I wish the FCC had a stronger enforcement arm and by that I mean guys with guns who possess no sense of humor.  These power companies are radiating on frequencies that interfere with the primary users (you and me) in a most cavalier way.  This would seem, to anyone with half a brain, to be something the FCC would jump with all their feet.

Mike AB7ZU

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Bill and Don, you are both wrong..... I wasn't speaking about 30 meters at all...... My discussion has mostly been to Steve concerning 160 and 80 meters.  However, the power company isn't a spectrum user at all and is operating an ILLEGAL SPARK GAP TRANSMITTER on the entire radio spectrum, of which we are a primary user on most of our bands..... But in the case of 30 meters we are STILL users and the power company IS NOT!

There..... Clear this time?

Mike AB7ZU

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