locked IC7610 transmits dual audio signals when on FT8 or FT4

Glen Jenkins WB4KTF

I am having a new problem with my WSJT-X and IC7610.  When I use either FT8 or FT4 I see on the audio display two signals on my transmitted data.  The Primary signal is nice and strong, but not overdriven, not higher that 40-50 db, and a Secondary one that is about 1200 Hz higher that is 35-40db weaker.  And a local friend confirmed that he sees and hears the second unwanted signal.
Any ideas?  My ALC is a zero, it is not moving the ALC indication above 0.  See attached image of the issue.  I did not have this problem a month ago and cannot figure out what changed.
I have this setup:  IC7610-USB cable-Ham Radio Deluxe-WSJT-X ( WSJT-x connects via HRD to the IC-7610), and I have JTAlert running on the side.

Glen, WB4KTF
Austin, TX

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