locked Re: setting frequency

Bill Somerville

On 05/01/2016 15:55, David Michael Gaytko // WD4KPD wd4kpd@... [WSJTX] wrote:
with standard setup of waterfall showing 200 to 4kc, how do i tell another too go to another freq. especially on jt9 where wsjt-x does some tricky shifting. an added feature, if the other op is not using wsjt-x then anything goes.
If the other OM is not using WSJT-X then JT9 is not an option!

JT65-HF uses a base frequency of dial + 1500Hz I believe. In WSJT-X the DF on the main screen is correct with respect to the dial frequency shown on the main screen.

Don't worry about SPLIT operation, that is transparent apart from the Tx VFO dial frequency on the rig itself, you do not have to allow for that because WSJT-X transposes the Tx audio frequencies to compensate.


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