Locked Re: WSJT-X version wsjtx-1.6.0-rc1 Low SIgnal Decode Performance

Bill Somerville

On 30/11/2015 22:19, N7RJN@... [WSJTX] wrote:
I have been using WSJT-X 1.6.0-rc1 for nearly a week now. During this time I have noticed that the JT65 decode performance is not quite as good as I expected and not as good as version 1.5.
Hi Bob,

a common cause of poor decode performance is not having the default sample rate for your sound devices set to 48kHz. Other than that, you must set the levels correctly since too much gain will cause distortion and too little will lose weaker signals. Either can cause the weakest signals to not decode.

Avoid extreme settings for the Rx gain slider in WSJT-X, instead use your rigs gain controls or your audio interface gain controls in preference and keep the WSJT-X control near the middle setting.

Turn off "Flatten" on the waterfall when adjusting gain settings as it disguises incorrect settings, note that waterfall and spectrum gain and offset settings do not effect decoding, just the displays.


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