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Robert W5AJ

Saw decode on six meters this morning for HA7TM

however think that might be real 15 second opening considering good decode (RARE for us in WTX)


Seen the weird decodes

Point antenna at horizon (15,12,10 or six meters) in direction of moon (rise or set)  - seems

and just after band closes

interesting decodes seem to occur more during those times


73 W5AJ





Midland, Texas


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Hi Jeff,


I'm not sure who your email is meant for, but I wrote about the   VN1YV/R LE67  decode.


I am using WSJT-X 2.2.0-rc1 and have been since the first day it was available.  I think this is the first false decode I've seen.


In my experience, starting with JT65 in 2012, my most consistent source of false decodes has been slow computers.


Since then I've acquired a much faster computer and the false decode rate has dropped to almost zero.



Ken, AB1J


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Are you running 2.2.0-RC1?

Ever since I installed it, I have been getting more bogus decodes.

I've been planning to post here to mention this.

Jeff n1kdo


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