Locked Treatment of QTH Locators in WSJT-X

Tom V. Segalstad


Treatment of QTH Locators in WSJT-X


On May 6th, 2020, I raised the following question, with no feedback from the programmers so far:


«Another strange thing is that when double clicking a call sign received, some times the «DX Grid» shows just the 4 digit QTH Locator from the received station on the screen, even though a 6 digit QTH locator has been stored before – and other times the previously stored 6 digit QTH Locator appears «automagically» on the screen. There is no consistency here.


It would be nice if the stored 6 digit QTH Locator would appear on the screen automatically when double clicking a [received] call sign, if it had been stored before.


May the programmers look at this issue some time?»


It wouldn’t require too much programming to let the WSJT-X check the user’s station/locator file for a stored 6-character QTH Locator – and put this «DX Grid» on the screen – alternatively put the received 4-character QTH Locator on the screen – for the double-clicked received station.


Here using the WSJT-X Version 2.2.0 rc1, 64 bit for Windows 10.


73 from Tom (LA4LN; in 2020 using the special call LN1V)



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Tom (LA4LN)

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