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Bill Somerville

On 21/09/2015 13:37, David Michael Gaytko // WD4KPD wd4kpd@... [WSJTX] wrote:
Hi David,

Ahoy there mates....

should like to know you rig settings in wsjt-x for my FT-920, especially
the Mode and Split settings. Using VOX/Signalink for key.

I am aware of an issue using DX Lab Suite Commander as a rig control intermediary with WSJT-X and the FT-920. Otherwise it works as expected. If you wish to use JT9+JT65 mode then I recommend setting the mode in WSJT-X as "None" and "Split Operation" as "Rig.

The WSJT-X "Mode" has to be set to "None" so that WSJT-X doesn't not attempt to set the rig mode. The reason for this is that you probably need to set the rig to LSB+DATA on both VFOs (also set the switch on the back to AFSK). You will also need to set the menu item U-46 (PKT-FRQ) to 1170-U and then set menu U-45 (PK-DISP) to 0.000 (the order is important).

The "PTT Method" should be "VOX" for the SignaLink USB, leave the rig on normal PTT.

The rig bandwidth maximum is ~2.7kHz so you will need to adjust the IF shift to focus on parts of the 4kHz wide JT9+JT65 sub bands.

The most annoying (mis)feature of this rig, apart from the perverse LSB mode for USB data operation, is that the MIC GAIN control is active when in DATA mode with audio from the rear accessory socket. So you need to set your DATA Tx modulation level with the MIC GAIN set to your normal SSB speech setting and leave it there.


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