locked Re: Sparting problems wit the beta version

Bill Somerville

On 18/05/2020 14:40, Steffen Doepping wrote:
Hi Guys,

i have a big problem with the new beta version. i can not open the

i have this new program install on the folder c:\wsjtx222

and have also install the programm win64 open ssl lite package.exe and
vcredist__x64.exe. on step 1

the next step restart

next step install wsjtx-2.2.2-rc1-win64.exe on the folder c:\wsjtx222


the version 2.1.2 ist startin normal

the 2.2.2 starting not!!!!

have a idee guys? tnx de Steve dl4ali
Hi Steve,

does wsjtx start but not show the UI, i.e. is it visible in Windows Task Manager? What version of Windows are you using?


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